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BALASUBRAMANIUM is an Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer by Profession having a total professional experience of 11 years in the Petrochemical Instrumentation domain. As an Academic, ardent learner of new skill sets and a statistic enthusiast, he strongly believes that if the proper methodical approach is adopted, improvement is imminent in all aspects of life. The Best Co-curricular pass out from his department in his alma matter, Bala finds motivation in being part of projects which can add value to fields like coaching for aspiring athletes and fine arts students. He has helped aspirants to shape their thoughts into frames by being a story consultant in more than one filmography event in the last decade.

As a State Level Athlete, he believes adopting an innovative and determined approach at every level of schooling is a minimum required program to make the Republic of India both an Academic and Sporting Power House in the global arena. Along with his interest in sports psychology, Bala is a staunch follower of diplomatic fallouts in the South East Asian Region and Beyond. An Ardent reader of self-help and motivational write-ups, Associating himself with MIND Academy drives the best out of him to deliver his Human bit to his compatriots and mankind to Move IN the right Direction towards a career which is in accordance with their personality and inner flair.