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TURNING POINT is a 2-day program to help children discover themselves and to explore their inner flair and career inclination. Unlike other usual techniques, Mind academy adopts a unique model called MAT (Mind Academy Trait) Analysis. This approach includes separate counseling interviews with parents as well as kids, various assessment techniques such as assignments, games, video analysis, picture analysis, questionnaires, etc. for personality assessment. Assessments to identify their inclination towards different career options is also done separately. Turning Point is not all about personality assessment, it also provides them with a platform for enhancing their passionate outlook towards life as well as to inculcate basic values that each one of us ought to have as part of our daily routine. At the end of the program, each child gets a detailed report about his/her personality as well as their career inclination. Turning Point will indeed help them to answer that million-dollar question; Who do you want to be?