MIND Academy is the brainchild of Murali Krishnan who has been specializing in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Career orientation, Organization Development, Mentoring, Counseling, and Change Management. Over his decade long involvement in public domain and association with various people from different walks of life, he sensed a need to help people in identifying their true selves and to move them in the right direction to lead a blissful life.

It is during his tenure as the Gavel Club Mentor in the year 2015-16 that he got the opportunity to interact closely and influence many young minds. The enthusiasm and the encouraging response to all these social initiatives further fueled his passion to pursue a path in empowering the people around him, especially the Generation Next. Bala, who is equally passionate in people empowerment joined hands with Murali and that made the climbing of the Everest as effortless as the ascent of an eagle and the dream named MIND Academy became a reality.


At Mind Academy, Our Vision is to Empower people around us to live the life of their dreams and our Mission is to enable them identify their true purpose in life and to help them move in the right direction to live the life of their dreams.